Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Food stories from Prague!

Castles, cobblestone streets and beautiful bridges is what the dreamy city of Prague is made of. We explored the city taking trams to various locations and then walking around. And of course I have it all captured on camera. Will be putting up a video blog on my YouTube channel soon. ( Search for "Pallavi Dharkar" on YouTube and subcribe so that you don't miss on any updates)

For me the best way to know a new place is interacting with the residents, eating local food and walking around exploring the place. I am always on the lookout for local speciality dishes, small eateries and pretty cafes tucked away in the lanes. The sights, smell and sounds will stay with me. And I can always share the pictures and notes from my diary with you. So here's presenting food stories from Prague!

 #1 Beef goulash served with Knedliky

This warm savoury dish was the ultimate comfort food in chilly Prague. Knedliky are light and fluffy czech dumplings. This local dish is served almost everywhere. However, I had this one in a restaurant called Ferdinanda. The entry is a small door at ground level which leads underground. The entire restaurant is spread out in a bunker like area. Damn cool! And the food is absolutely fab. They serve classic Czech dishes and have a selection of local beers.

#2 Strong beef broth with homemade liver quenelles

Slurp! Had this delicious dish at a restaurant chain in Prague called Lokal. Contrary to the reviews online, I quite liked the place.

#3 Grilled chicken with herbed butter

Chicken remains my go to meat! The dallop of herbed butter you see in the picture there melted within seconds on the hot grilled chicken. Definitely have this on the list when you visit Ferdinanda, Prague.

#4 Trdelník 

This the most common pastry found on the streets of Prague. It's dough wrapped on a stick and grilled. Sprinkled with sugar and walnut it's like a default buy here. I chose to go all the way by getting one smeared with chocolate on the inside. No one's counting calories ;)

#5 Apple Strudel

Classic european dessert indulgence! Sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served with cream, this one was delightful till the last bite. The Czechs definitely have a major sweet tooth.


#6 Good old Spaghetti bolognese

Straight up ordered this dish at Lokal after a long walk around Prague. Menu selections can wait when you are starving!

#7  Beer

It's the land of Pilsner of course and the Czech's take so much pride in serving their beers. I especially like the dark beers. A glass with every meal and in between meals and before and after every meal is a must! When in Prague keep up with the locals crazy beer consumption capacity ;)

#8 Becherovka

That's the shot glass beside the large beer mug. It's a herbal liqueur with a strong clove flavour. The beer did take a back seat after we had two of those.   

#9 Lifelines in Prague

Coffee obviously and hot wine because why not! Warm wine with lemon wedges is the real deal.

#10 Basic munchies

Bread with garlic mayo dip
Mashed buttered potato with onion

Pizza? Yes please!
 #11 Hot chocolate

Easily the best hot chocolate I ever had. It was so thick that it had to be eaten with a spoon. Smooth, delicious and just perfect! Went back for this cup everyday after dinner. This one has to be on your list when in Prague. Couldn't find the website of this cafe, so sharing the FB page for reference.

#12 Obložené chlebíčky

Traditional Czech open faced sandwiches. From left to right we have eggs and cress, vegetarian delight cottage cheese with mustard in the middle and shrimps and eggs to the right. You have to try these when in Czech. Wonder if we can make some interesting Indian versions as starters. Will experiment soon! These one's are a speciality at Sisters. Another must visit on the list when in Prague.

 #13 Chocolates- Cakes and beers

This cute little shop is a must visit for chocolate lovers. They have chocolate everything! I tried the cakes and beers and it was really good. Chocolate beer was something I tried for the first time. There was a hint of lingering chocolate flavour after every sip. Beer for dessert anyone?!


Saturday, 13 August 2016

7 Reasons To Plan A Monsoon Getaway To The Anandvan Resort, Bhandardara

Monsoon getaways are my favorite! There's nothing quiet like driving away to some place close to nature and soak in the rains. Throw in gorgeous views, cozy rooms, delish food and call that perfection. We experienced all that and more at The Anandvan Resort, Bhandardara. Check out the video wherein we captured all that we did during our day away at the resort.

Here's a list of reasons why I loved it!


Lake view from the lobby area!

Yummy fried fish

The kebabs were so good!

Guiltfree cause I ate all the salad :P

That's how I like my food to arrive

Mutton biryani!

Perfect finish 1!
Perfect finish 2!

The staff was attentive and well trained. They did go all out in making sure we were comfortable and enjoying our stay :)

On arrival!

All my favourites!


Because I love to play! There are a host of things to do indoors when its raining outside. 

Badminton court- We worked up our appetite here to go have more yummy food!


Treetop house- Can you see the suspended balcony? 
Lake view rooms- Private lawn area with a fab view!


Little wooden bridge from the storybook!
Is that a real well? 
A boat! 

3 hours from Thane and 1.5 hours from Nasik. The drive is scenic and the resort more so. This one's gotto be on your weekend getaway list!


Anandvan Resort
Ghatghar Road, Village Shendi, 
Bhandardara, Dist. Ahmednagar

For Reservations
Telephone :+91-9920311221
                         +91-22-2604 7290
                         +91-22-4244 3300

Email :

Monday, 25 July 2016

Nashik Foodie's Meet Up at The Utsav Fine Dine Restaurant

This weekend was all about food. There was a lot of eating out, baking, ordering in food and basically a totally out of control calorie count situation. It ended perfectly with a foodie meetup over Sunday dinner. Organised by and hosted by The Utsav Fine Dine Restaurant, it was a cool get together of food lovers. We exchanged notes about our favorite restaurants and small eateries around the city and savoured our food but not before clicking a picture of every dish because that's how we like it. 

Here's our meet up photo diary!

The Utsav Fine Dine Restaurant (Pure veg)

Our tribe
Virgin Pina Colada

Palak Shorba

Gobi Tikka

Utsav Vada

Pahadi Paneer

Veg Sizzler

Penne Pasta in White Sauce

Hara Nariyal- Sabzi

Veg Biryani

Pineapple Sheera

Hand painting on the wall
Address: The Utsav Pure Veg Fine Dine Restaurant, Gangapur Road, Nashik, Maharashtra

Phone: 098220 20974